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Anti-snoring mouthpieces: the magic cure?

Are you a snorer? Are you finding that this night-time habit is damaging not just the quality of sleep you're getting? Then you may be interested in learning more about the various anti-snoring mouthpieces we offer at We Sell Sleep.

These devices are designed to work in a number of ways, including stabilising your jaw in the case of a receding jaw; pushing or advancing your jaw forward, naturally opening the airway; and depressing your tongue so that it doesn't fall to the back of your throat and block your breathing. Read on to find out if they could be the solution to putting a stop to your snoring…

Anti-snoring mouthpieces

Anti-snoring mouthpieces can be highly effective for snorers who snore through their mouths or as a result of their tongue. There are various mouthpieces for sale and they work in different ways. These include:

Vestibular shield: this mouth-piece reduces the level of air you can get through your mouth, which means you're forced to breathe via your nose. If you snore through your mouth, this can be a very useful.

Mandibular advancement device (MAD): this device aims to push your tongue and jaw forward in order to reduce the restriction of your throat. This can be helpful if you snore as a result of your tongue vibrating.

Tongue retaining mouthpiece: this works by repositioning the tongue in order to stop it blocking your airways. Similar to the MAD, it can help if you snore due to your tongue falling backwards, blocking your airway and vibrating.

These devices do work for many people, and the high number of positive reviews left by users is testament to this. The MAD devices have significantly more health authority endorsements than the other options and so are usually the recommended treatment in the first instance. There's also plenty of independent research to demonstrate that they can be effective. One negative aspect MAD devices is that they can be uncomfortable to wear and may result in soreness if worn throughout the night. The results of one small survey indicate that approximately 30% of people ceased using them after a few attempts.

If any of these anti-snoring mouthpieces are of interest to you, decide what type of device you'll need and make sure it feels comfortable in your mouth. You tell us if this is the magic cure! It also may be worth asking your dentist to make a custom mouthpiece. 

Anti-snoring mouthpieces: the magic cure?

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